So, What Do You Do?

“Oh, well, um; I’m not really sure?” *Pauses, stutters words, and in a second goes from a confident grown-up to a bumbling moron who can’t seem to string a sentence together* Yes, that’s me.  All of the above.  If I am honest, I am pretty sick of that question and what it means.  It wasn’t until … More So, What Do You Do?

I Am a Vilomah- Guest post by Nicole Bowles from “Our Missing Peace”

I first met Nicole at my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding in April 2016.  We were both thirty-something weeks pregnant; me with Teddy, and her with their fourth son….also Edward! We sat together, talked, laughed and joked.  Both being heavily pregnant I obviously asked her if it was her first baby, and how many other children … More I Am a Vilomah- Guest post by Nicole Bowles from “Our Missing Peace”

Dining Room Update

The dining room has always been the room I have disliked, ever since we moved in to this house (Yep, I know, I am really drawing you into this one with such a positive opener?!)  I have never been able to get things quite right in here; it just hasn’t given me the feeling that … More Dining Room Update

Doing It for Myself

The more I have shared photos of myself on social media recently (as opposed to my preferred snaps of interiors!), the more I have been found that those photos have been met with comments about my appearance and how great people think I look.  This isn’t me blowing my own trumpet, quite the opposite, I … More Doing It for Myself