Wife, Mother, home-maker and lover of interiors.  Making our home in the wake of a disaster; feathering a nest with the dream of having her own “take home” chicks.  Navigating a way to feel purpose after the worst loss, the death of our son Teddy.  Finding light in darkness and positivity in times of desperation.  Sewing for survival.

Currently renovating our Victorian home in the heart of the picturesque town of Godalming, Surrey.



Read this if you just love interiors.

Read if you love to sew, craft and paint everything in your house.

Read if you too have lost your beautiful baby, or your friend has lost theirs, or you are struggling on your fertility journey.

Read if you quite simply, love pugs.

OR, if like me……You have lost your baby, you love making your house a beautiful home, you make loads of stuff, AND you just love pugs.  Basically you are my spirit animal and we should probably just be best friends. So keep reading.

Elle x


To learn more about my beautiful boy, read his story and help us raise money in his memory; click on the link below.